Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration?
Fall lower division Rec. – April
Fall upper division Rec. – AFTER high school try outs in Aug.
Competitive and Rec. Plus – October
Spring upper division rec. – February
Please watch the website for exact dates.

Does my card get charged if I go on a waiting list?
No, it will not be charged. You will only pay if your child is placed on a team

When will we hear from a coach?
Fall Rec. soccer players (lower division ages 12 and younger) will hear from a coach in late July. Competitive and Rec Plus players will hear from their coach by the end of February. Spring Rec. soccer (ages 10 yrs and older) will hear from a coach by mid-May.

When does the season start?
Fall Rec. Soccer (12yrs and younger) officially begins the first week of August. Many coaches will begin practice at the end of July. Competitive teams and Rec. Plus teams will begin practice in March. Games will begin in May. Spring Rec. soccer (10 yrs and older) will begin in May.

My child is hurt and can’t play… What is your refund policy?
Please refer to refund policy page in the CYSA handbook for further information.

What age level do I sign my child up for?
Refer to age guideline chart on MYSA’s website here

Why can’t I register late?
The coordinators have a deadline to turn in team counts to the Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association (AYSA). Time is needed to roster teams and assign coaches before the season begins.

Can you add another team or place my child on a team that has a full roster?
No, the rules state that teams cannot be over rostered. CYSA has a deadline to turn in team numbers to AYSA. Once teams are turned into AYSA, schedules are made and new teams cannot be added.

I haven’t heard from my coach. What should I do?
Most coaches will email. Verify that it did not get placed into a junk email folder. For Fall Rec. contact the division coordinators if it’s Aug 1 or later.

Does my child need a new jersey?
Yes, you will need a new jersey each year. The cost for this is included in your fee.

Where are the fields located?
Please visit the fields directory here.

Will there be tryouts for my child’s team?
Yes, competitive players will be required to attend a kick around or a try out to determine team placement. This will usually occur the week following the close of competitive registration. Recreation soccer will not have try outs. Please refer to the CYSA handbook for further information.
Note: If you register for the wrong age group you are not guaranteed a spot.